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Soft Serve

Ingredients for soft serve ice cream
Soft serve ice cream

Soft serve ice cream
One soft serve serving

One soft serve serving
Ice cream soft serve machine

Ice cream soft serve machine

For information and delivery: 021708640

Soft Serve Ice Cream
Soft serve ice cream is currently very popular. Many business are turning to focus on soft serve ice cream widely Because it is an ice cream that has an easy production process, is fast, convenient, and attract even more people as the final price is low.
Ice Age therefore invented a soft serve ice cream powder recipe that is convenient, tasty, let you saving cost and time. Importantly, the quality of our soft serve powder is very high.
Made from quality raw materials: from milk from New Zealand to imported stabilizer from Italy.

Soft Serve Powder

How to use Soft serve ice cream powder:
One bag of Soft Serve contain 1.5 kilograms of powder.
you can mix adding 3.5kg of water resulting in a total of 5 kilograms of soft serve ice cream mix ready to pour in the seft serve machine
You will get 83 ice cream cones of 60 grams each.

N. Soft serve powder flavor
1 Vanilla
2 Chocolate
3 Coffee
4 Green tea
5 Yogurt
6 Strawberry (must add paste)
7 Yogurt strawberry(must add topping)
8 Yogurt Blueberry(must add topping)
9 Mango (must add paste)

** Free delivery in Bangkok, with a minimum amount of 5,000 baht or send by EMS charged according to the EMS costs.

For inquiries and product information, please contact 021708640 info@iceagethai.com

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