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Pineapple Ice Cream

Pineapple Sorbet
Pineapple: what to do with it

Take a pineapple,
a good one (pix from freepik.com)
Cut the pineapple

Cut and get a pineapple shell,
empty the center
Pineapple transformed in pineapple sherbet

Fill it with our ice cream and
pineapple became pineapple sorbet

Thai pineapple frozen ice cream is ready to sell and export!

Pineapple sorbet
Pineapple Ice Cream Sorbet

About the pineapple ice cream

Pineapple ice cream short history

My ice cream shop sits on a main road in downtown. In our lab table there are too many pineapples. Fresh, for now, sweet like only the Thai pineapple from Phuket can be. It seems like they are smiling at us. Them green tuft is very pretty. What can we do besides the usual pineapple ice cream (and then throw away all these shells with them nice tufts)? A nice idea: use as an ice cream cup!

After all, it is part of fresh fruit. Instead of a sober plastic cup a real pineapple that contains a pineapple sorbet! I’m not sure how exactly call it: pineapple ice cream? Pineapple sorbet? Pineapple sherbet? Thai pineapple sobert! Yes, I felt that way.
It is a refreshing pineapple ice cream without milk so definitely it is a pineapple sorbet.

After a few tests to improve it and well balancing the recipe of this ice cream, we start to regularly produce it, insert in our menu, and promote it in our media channels.
And sometimes, even if I spend the whole day in an ice cream environment, I like to take home with me a few more. For our neighbor (or for me...).

Pineapple ice cream production

The production of this Thai pineapple sorbet is very accurate:
  • The fresh pineapple fruit is cut and the pulp removed
  • The pulp is then blended with few ingredients, all natural
  • This mix is then pasteurized with some water
  • After the pasteurization process, the mix is poured in the ice cream batch machine
  • Each batch is then used to fill the shell of the pineapple and stored for 15 minutes in the blast freezer
  • Now the pineapple frozen sorbet is ready for packaging and to be stored in the cold room before distribution
  • Pineapple sorbet flow chart (click to enlarge):
Pineapple sorbet production flow chart

Pineapple ice cream
production flow chart

Pineapple sorbet

Call it sorbet, sherbet or pineapple ice cream: it is refreshing and natural. Everybody likes and the reviews about it are only positive.

You can order and buy this pineapple ice cream:
Just call Kitty +66611935964 or email kitty@iceagethai.com.
you can also visit us, just check the Ice Age contact page

Do you want to know more about Thai pineapples? Just visit the land of pineapple page.

Frozen Pineapple Dessert
Pineapple art

Pineapple Art
pineapple ice cream 3 kg

Pineapple sorbet 3 kg
Pineapple ice cream scoop

Pineapple ice cream scoops

Best pineapple quality for this refreshing sorbet!

Thank you for visit our pineapple ice cream page