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Fruit filled with ice cream

A frozen fruit shell filled with ice cream is a delicious and refreshing dessert. It is made with a real fruit shell, such as a half-coconut shell, lemon shell, or other tropical or non-tropical shells that are filled with ice cream. The ice cream can be any flavor, but some popular choices include vanilla plus the flavor of the shell. The fruit shell adds a touch of sweetness and acidity to the ice cream, and the combination is both refreshing and satisfying.
Watermelon and coconut wedge sherbet
Watermelon filled with ice cream

Ice cream filled watermelon
Best watermelon

Best watermelon
Thai watermelon

Thai watermelon
Ice cream cart

Coconut with ice cream

Watermelon and coconut shells stuffed with sherbet. Ready to deliver for export and all over Thailand. Phone now +66(0)21708640

Thai coconut and dragon fruit wedge sherbet
Thai coconut frozen dessert

Thai coconut frozen dessert
Coconut stuffed with ice cream

Coconut stuffed ice cream
Thai dragon fruit

Dragon fruit ice cream
Frozen dragon fruit

Frozen dragon fruit dessert

Dragon fruit and coconut shells filled with Italian gelato. Perfect frozen dessert popular for export and Thailand. Phone now +66(0)21708640

Dragon fruit and lemon shell filled with ice cream
Dragon fruit filled with ice cream

Dragon fruit filled with sherbet
Refreshing and satisfying Italian lemon sherbet

Refreshing lemon sherbet
Lemon sherbet in lemon shell

Lemon sherbet in lemon shell
Enjoy the lemon sherbet

Enjoy the lemon sherbet

Dragon fruit and lemon: a refreshing combination! Try to eat both. Perfect frozen desserts to serve together. Phone now +66(0)21708640

Orange shell filled with ice cream: the best dessert
Orange filled with ice cream

Orange filled with sherbet
Orange stuffed with ice cream

Orange stuffed with sherbet
Orange sherbet in orange shell

Orange sherbet in orange shell
Enjoy frozen orange dessert in any season

Vitaminic orange in any season

Enjoy the vitamin and the refreshing flavor of great oranges in any season. Order now +66(0)21708640

Pineapple shells and melon shells filled with ice cream and sherbet
Frozen pineapple with ice cream

Frozen pineapple with ice cream
Frozen pineapple dessert

Frozen pineapple dessert
Melon sherbet in melon shell

Thai Melon sherbet in melon shell
Melon filled with ice cream

Melon filled with ice cream

For the pineapple shell stuffed with sherbet you can discover more details here: pinapple sorbet page. For info call: +66(0)21708640

About filled fruit sherbet
People love fruits. Who does not love fruits? It is healthy, refreshing and usually diet compatible. But many people still lack in eating fruit, maybe just the laziness of peeling or even buying. As for Ice Age, we loved fruit. Our favorite
  1. dragon fruit
  2. Melon
  3. Lemon
  4. Orange
  5. Coconut
  6. Pineapple
But often it is not the right season or simply people don’t have the time to prepare and serve it in a decent way. So, Ice Age decided to create something ready to eat anytime in any season: frozen fruit.
But not simply frozen fruit, but fruit filled with sherbet (sorbet)! It is perfectly sweet and refreshing.
The best part of the fruit shells stuffed with ice cream is the presentation. It will always amaze your guests.
  • The dragon fruit added a touch of tartness after your meal
  • The melon is for the honey-sweet lover
  • The typical Italian “Sorbetto di Limone” dressed up in a frozen lemon shell clear the mouth after a fish dinner
  • Orange for the vitamin seekers
  • Coconut to get an extra gear, a boost in your day
  • Pineapple fit everybody, every palate
For more details about the stuffed pineapple go to the pineapple ice cream page

Our product list:
Pineapple filled sherbet Watermelon filled sherbet Watermelon filled sherbet Young coconut sherbet Orange sherbet Dragon fruit sherbet Lemon sherbet Cantaloupe sherbet Japanese melon sherbet
All the above new special products are ready to be sold and exported.

For our customers that need more images to use in menu, contact +66851215199 or Line ID: iceage.bkk