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OEM Ice Cream

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Ice Cream Production

OEM ice cream Ice Age Thailand
OEM ice cream stick. Deliciousness in a unique shape. Ice Age can create ice cream pospsicle in your style.

OEM stick ice cream mold

Click the above images of popsicle molds to download more examples

Easy Franchising
Some Details
  • OEM / Any design or shape you want can be designed. And it takes only 20 working days. Only at Ice Age Ice Cream
  • Ice cream sticks, standand format ready to produce for you, with more than 50 styles to choose from
  • You can choose any of 80 ice cream flavors (from Catalog Ice Age) to produce your sticks
  • Weight size 80-100 grams/stick
  • Production capacity 500-3,000 bars/day
  • Standard type, minimum order only 100 pieces
  • The package inside is an ice cream tray with a sealed bag (more size available):

Ice cream stick packaging size Ice cream stick packaging

We OEM ice cream in many kinds, not only popsicle! Join us for your customized ice cream and gelato production call now 021708640

Ice cream created as you like
Your recipe, your style
your ice cream flavor
Unlimited OEM flavors
OEM any ice cream
and sherbet flavor
OEM machinery
Ice cream machine for
OEM production lines

We successfully OEM for many startup and enterprises. Join us: call now 021708640

Easy Franchising
What is OEM ice cream?
With OEM (original equipment manufacturer) we intend the capacity of a company to produce for another company that will commercialize that given product under its name.
With OEM ice cream Ice Age will produce the ice cream or gelato or sherbet/sorbet for you and you will sell under your name and your branding (white label OEM), or you will simply sell with Ice Age name but with specially customized flavors available only in your shops.

Micro OEM order
Micro Ice Cream OEM
Micro ice cream OEM allows you to just let us produce a minimum quantity of ice cream dedicated to your company or shop.
For a special event or any other occasion, you can require a unique flavor that will appear only in your places, an exclusive signature gelato with a minimum investment, as only 18 kg of ice cream will be sufficient to have your exclusive flavor.

Macro OEM ice cream production
Macro Ice Cream OEM
With a macro ice cream OEM you will have your line of ice cream with many flavors.
For example, a vegan dedicated ice cream catalog or a special series of selected wine sherbets or, simply, a line of commercial ice cream with a competitive price. And this without the need for you to create a sophisticated ice cream production line. And everything will be in your favorite packaging and branding.

White label OEM
White Label OEM Ice Cream
Ice cream OEM, micro OEM, macro OEM, dedicated production line and other solutions. Anyway, you can always decide to have your order packed as a white label with your name, your logo and even your packaging or with our name.

Fruit shell ice cream filled
Ready to sell and OEM special Ice Cream servings
Ice cream and sherbet-filled fruit shells. Original, practical, and best selling in many places:

Pineapple filled sherbet Watermelon filled sherbet Watermelon filled sherbet Young coconut sherbet Orange sherbet Dragon fruit sherbet Lemon sherbet Cantaloupe sherbet Japanese melon sherbet
All the above new special products are ready to be sold and exported.

More information about OEM ice cream

Ice cream OEM guidelines for a quick quotation

Besides that we will work closely with our OEM customer in all the necessary step to transform the new ice cream idea in a reality in a formal business to business model, the seller of the final product should provide some important information to our OEM team.
Generally speaking, approaching an OEM, require some basic idea and information to get a faster quotation:
  1. Flavors (standard flavors/customized new flavors)
  2. Packaging (our standard packaging: 80gr cup, 1.5Kg plastic pan, 3Kg plastic pan or popsicle on stick), or we can use your packaging
  3. Special diet request: organic, vegan, vegetarian, full fat, low sugar, no sugar, etc.
  4. Special sensitive commercial field: ethical source of raw material, fair trade supplier, sustainable production line, full traceability, etc.
  5. The target of the final customer (to determinate the price range)
  6. Average amount (to comply with our daily production capacity that we will disclose on request)
  7. Customization of standard packaging (white label) or use of your already existing packaging)
  8. Research and development of your idea
  9. Sample only production

Please contact our OEM manager for any information you may need: Miss Kitty: 0851215199


OEM requires particular attention to confidentiality.
It is important for the customer that the consumer will identify the product with the value-added reseller (VAR) company and not with us (Ice Age Co., Ltd.).
We do pay close attention to this matter and you can rest assured that all the documents and the process will be under a confidentiality protocol.

OEM ingredients

Yes, we can also OEM ingredients for ice cream. It could be an easy way of dealing with ice cream as the storage of ingredients is at room temperature.
Also, from a white label point of view, it is easy to customize the packaging of ingredients.
The VAR will have the advantage of customizing the flavor, consistency, and texture of the ice cream. Also, other organoleptic peculiarities can be modified. If he has more shops, with the ice cream premix powders, will be able to serve the same flavor in any shop standardizing the final product.
Common OEM of ice cream ingredients are:
  • Premix powder ready to use just adding water
  • Soft Serve
  • Soft Serve mix with ice cream pastes
  • Ice cream pastes
  • Powder for fried ice cream
OEM Ice Cream: show your signature products
Original ice cream production
Original and exclusive
ice cream production

We successfully OEM for many startup and enterprises. Join us: call now 021708640

Contact: info@iceagethai.com

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