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Ice Cream

Ice cream production and sale

Ice cream stick
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
Ice Age has also a section for OEM. Our team will evaluate your need and find the best formula for your ice cream production.

Stop about production problems. OEM with Ice Age: original customer recipes, high quality Ice Age standard production, customization existing products, new flavors, maximum confidentiality, market price and discounted mass ice cream production.
Our OEM is not only for ice cream: Italian gelato, sherbet, sorbet, popsicle, fried gelato and any other idea you may have.

You can find all the information about OEM in the OEM ice cream page.
Down here a small example of what we can also do for you:

OEM stick ice cream mold

Ice cream chef Ice cream products

Ice cream/Gelato/Sherbet
Beside ice cream in cups and 3 kg boxes, we produce popsicle, sherbet, Italian gelato and also the popular fruit shells filled with ice cream. The best ice cream in real fruit shells. Check all the fruits available.

Link to the video of Ice Cream Guru How to present ice cream

Ice Cream/Gelato Guru Video
In this video Kittiporn explains the real differences between the word "ice cream" and "gelato". Also, many other useful details about the production of ice cream and gelato in Thailand. Watch also how to present and sell ice cream and gelato. Please check it out on YouTube

Watermelon Sherbet Special Promotion
Watermelon juice

100% Thai watermelon juice
Thai watermelon

Watermelon ready to eat
Watermelon sherbet

Watermelon filled with sherbet

Call now for more information 021708640

Ice Cream Cups Best Promotion
Ice cream cup

Ice cream cup
Customized cups

Customized ice cream flavors
OEM ice cream cups

OEM ice cream cups

Customized flavors and packaging for your signature ice cream and gelato cups

Sherbet Special Promotions
Young coconut sherbet

100% young coconut ice cream
Japanese melon sherbet

Melon filled with sherbet
Orange sherbet

Orange filled with sherbet

Special Product Promotions
Watermelon shell ice cream

Watermelon sherbet treat
Korean style sherbet

Korean style watermelon sherbet
Ice cream promotion

Best ice cream promotion

We sell wholesale and retail. You can buy ice cream from us, just call for more information 021708640

New special promotion for retail and families
24 ice cream cups at 999 THB

24 ice cream cups at 999 THB. Perfect ice cream treat
Ice cream and gelato supplies for restaurants and hotels

Ice cream and gelato for restaurants and hotels
Ice cream cart

Ice cream cart attracts new customers, increase gelato sales

Ready to deliver all over Thailand. Phone now 021708640

Ice cream with soy milk Hokkaido style for vegan Italian gelato flavors Thai favorite flavors Japanese ice cream American ice cream Fruit milky and fruit sherbet Yogurt ice cream flavors
Check all flavors

Huge variety of ice cream related products
About Ice Age Company Limited
Ice Age was established in Bangkok in 2008 and it is constantly working till present days: 2024 (Many years !!!). Ice Age is a leading producer of various flavored ice cream. Uses quality ingredients and also helps to support the farmers who produce seasonal fruits buying directly from them. The final products (ice cream, gelato and ingredients) are grouped in special catalogs for both retail and wholesale nationwide.

As Ice Age Company Limited, we intend to produce and sell high quality ice cream.
Please contact our main branch in Bangkok to get information Read more ...

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Discover all the flavors Ice Age

Ice Age is active in many ice cream related products