"STRAWBERRY SHERBET" is made with strawberry puree which
gives it a lovely strawberry flovor.

Chocolate fudge
"The homemade Chocolate Ice Cream has a wonderfullyrich
chocolate flavor with Almond and Chocolate Chips, a silky
smooth texture. Test of real "CHOCOLATE FUDGE"

"BLUEBERRY SHERBET" Cool off on a hot day with a big bowl
of Fruity homemade ice cream. Perfect for entertaining, this
five-star receipe makes enough for a crowd. What could be
better? Must Try.
Vaniila bean
"This is the best vanilla ice cream we've ever tasted !!!"
This is our new choice for vanilla ice cream. Let's Try our
Banana caramel
Try our banana and caramel receipe and find our how good
"TIRAMISU GELATO" Two classic italian desserts in one, this
ice cream has the rich tang of mascarpone with hints of coffee
liquer Layering the ice cream with cocoa powder after we've
churned it gives it beautiful stripes.

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